Is your head spinning from all the advice out there? With one article contradicting the next, it’s so confusing to know what is best for you. One article is all about how caffeine is bad for you, then the next tells you to drink ten cups of green tea a day. One article tells you to sprinkle turmeric on your food to help reduce inflammation, then the next says another herb is the solution.

It’s all too dizzying. Shouldn’t life be a walk in the park rather than the funhouse? Does living a healthful, enjoyable life have to be so hard?

Stop listening to all the noise out there that tells you what you should be drinking, eating, and doing, and start listening to yourself and your body. If you’re forcing yourself to drink green tea because it’s supposedly the healthiest tea but you don’t enjoy it, then stop. Drink what you like. There’s more health and vibrance in joy and appreciation than in doing what someone else says is best for you. So eat and drink what gives you joy.

Here at Tudor House Tea & Spice we believe good tea, good food, and a good life should not be complicated. Our modern lives are difficult enough, and don’t need any added stress. That’s why we carry items that will stand the test of time. They may not be the trendiest out there, but they won’t let you down.

We believe in simple, whole ingredients. Those that are closest to their usual state. We’re not absolutists — indulgence is perfectly acceptable — but hold that nature trumps laboratory.

Every person is different, and we want to honor those differences. Just because a tea, spice, or herb is the media darling of the moment does not mean it is right for everyone. We encourage you to tune all that out, and tune in to yourself to find your perfect cup of tea.

So take some time to poke around our website and offerings. We have teas, spices, and courses all curated for their simplicity, effectiveness, and joy.


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