Unexplained Anger (and other emotions)

Have you ever had this happen?

You’re in the middle of a yoga class and finally starting to relax. It feels so good to stretch your limbs in this quiet way. You can feel the asanas even starting to stretch and quiet your mind. You’re in the yoga groove, getting blissed out on good vibes, when you suddenly feel anger at everything and everyone around you.

Seemingly out of nowhere you’re angry at the yoga teacher for keeping you in this pose for too long. Doesn’t she know that not everyone isn’t as strong and flexible as she is? Give us regular people a break! Then you’re angry at the person next to you for having the sniffles. Get a tissue already! Then there’s the guy in the back of the room practicing his dragon breathing. It’s so annoying!

You spend so much energy on all these angry thoughts, even while knowing that they’re not the true cause of your anger. It starts to get really exhausting and you realize that the only way you’ll find relief is to get down and dirty with the true cause of your anger. You know you need to get honest with yourself about why you’re really angry.

Side note: this doesn’t just happen on the yoga mat. It can happen any time you’re doing something meditative, some activity where your mind has a chance to rest and process less external stimuli. And it doesn’t have to be just the emotion of anger. It can be any emotions that makes you feel unhappy.

There it is! There’s the real anger!

Aha! You admit to yourself what you’re really angry about. It could be something that happened earlier in the day or the week. It could be remembering something from your childhood that you’re still angry about. It could be anger with someone else or with yourself.

Ah, sweet relief. And admitting to yourself the true cause really wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be. Now that you’ve honestly dealt with the source, the rest falls away and you slide into your next yoga pose renewed and stronger. Both physically and emotionally.

If you need more help around releasing a stuck emotion, then let’s talk. I have some fantastic tools that can help you do a really deep release of stuck emotions and clear them for good.

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