Are you Asking for It?

are-you-asking-for-itAre you wanting help? assistance? connection? answers? inspiration?

Are you asking for what you want?

This is where we tend to fall short. In the asking for what we desire. It takes much more effort to complain about something than it does to just ask for help, yet we whine and moan and grump about how it’s all so hard and not working out how we’d like.

The thing is, though, we always have the help and answers when we need. If we just ask.

You can always ask a friend or loved one, and that is good some of the time, but I find that the best assistance comes from the part of us that is in constant contact with the Divine [insert your name for the Divine: God, Spirit, Universe, etc.] And the really fun part is the variety of ways you receive answers.

  • Have you ever smelled or tasted something that wasn’t in your physical presence? That is often a gift for comfort or peace to help you relax or to trigger a pleasant memory.
  • Animals are great teachers and messengers. They may come to you through your pets, wild animals, or images of animals. These can be fun to decipher as each animal has multiple meanings. You can start by seeing if what you know about that animal has any parallels to your life: a squirrel might be telling you to gather your resources, or a dog might be bringing you companionship and protection. There are also interpretations online and in different books.
  • One of my favorites is finding coins on the sidewalk, sending financial abundance. I always pick it up, even if it’s a single penny, and say a silent “thank you.”
  • Feathers are another fun one. There are some who say a white feather is a gift from an angel or a loved one who has passed. They can also be tied to the significance of the bird they’re from or have a tie-in with the color of feather.
  • If you’re looking for just the right book, they have a way of falling off the shelf and often bonking you on the head or the foot.
  • Dreams are another favorite. Sometimes the message is clear and other times it’s more subtle and even confusing, but I feel like they’re most direct of messages because they’re coming straight from your subconscious and will often show us things we don’t want to see in waking life.
  • Spontaneous ideas are another type of message. These often come in times of quiet, like during meditation or while in the shower, when you are in more of an alpha state of brainwaves.
  • Oracle cards are like tarot cards, but a bit different. I prefer them as they are easier to interpret and can be less scary. To use, just ask a question and pull a card or a set of cards. If you trust in the guidance of your higher self you will get a stronger message. A nice way to experience this is by visiting this website and following the prompts. You can also schedule a tea leaf reading with me for a deeper read.
After asking…

How do you know if something is a message, especially since they can be subtle or very direct? They can trip your feet, come to you repeatedly, or fall on your head. Often, they will keep repeating until you acknowledge that you received the message.

All you have to do to ask for help is to simply ask. The more quiet and still you are when asking the clearer you can be heard. Then step back and watch for the messages to appear.

So stop your whining, take back your power, and know that you have the help and the answers you need.

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