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Kelly is passionate about tea, natural healing, whole, real foods, and teaching people to be their own guru. She owns and operates Tudor House Tea & Spice, a tea and spice retail store, and works with people one-on-one and in small groups to help them find their own personal solutions to their problems.

Turn up the Heat with Chiles


Chile peppers are a very divisive food: you’re either magnetized by them and always left wanting just a little more, or you run in the opposite direction when you even hear one mentioned. What makes a chile a chili? Chile pepper is in the nightshade family, along with tomatoes, eggplant,…

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The History of Tea

history of tea

Since we humans have been drinking tea for centuries now, the history of tea is somewhat cloudy. But there are some things all tea historians have in common, if not quite agree on. An Agreeable History of Tea Most anyone will tell you that the person who discovered tea as…

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