Benefits of Peppermint

What is Peppermint? Peppermint is a favorite flavor the world over. You can find it in drinks, candies and desserts, beauty products, and as an ingredient in most cuisines. Actually a hybrid of hybrid of two other varieties of mint, watermint and spearmint, peppermint both grows wild and is cultivated.…

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Dragonwell Green Tea

Dragonwell, or Longjing, green tea, is said to be the most popular tea in China. And for good reason. It has a delicious aroma, mellow grassy flavor, and a slightly sweet aftertaste. If you’re new to green tea, she’s a great one to start with. The Story Behind Dragonwell With…

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The History of Tea

history of tea

Since we humans have been drinking tea for centuries now, the history of tea is somewhat cloudy. But there are some things all tea historians have in common, if not quite agree on. An Agreeable History of Tea Most anyone will tell you that the person who discovered tea as…

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