Autumn: Our Yearly Cocoon


Sweater-weather is here again in Michigan, where we get to cozy into warm sweaters and scarves. It’s a time of year I look forward to, and I know many of you do as well. Not only for the beauty of the changing leaves, but also for the way in which we naturally slow down from the playfulness of summer and begin our slow descent into the hibernation of winter.

We become caterpillars, starting to wrap ourselves in our cocoon.

Just like the caterpillar and its cocoon, our sweaters, scarves, and change in lifestyle allow us the physical and mental space to slow down and metamorphose into a newer version of ourselves. While you may not emerge in the spring totally transformed into a new creature, it is our human nature to use the change in seasons to get in touch with our desires and start aligning with them.

If you’re feeling that natural tired-yet-kind-of-restlessness thing right now, you’re right where you need to be. Instead of feeling guilt or frustration with this sensation, relax into it. Feed that need to wrap yourself up in sweaters, scarves, and blankets, and slow down. Take the time to be with your thoughts and emotions, and reflect deeply on how you want to emerge from this cocoon in the spring.

And don’t worry about rushing through this process. It’s meant to be slow and gradual. If you find yourself becoming impatient while in your cocoon, give yourself permission to take your time.

What color do you desire for your wings?

Maybe you are clear on your desires, but it’s also totally fine if you have no idea what they are. As long as you remain relaxed and open to whatever arises, your desires will lead to change.

As you allow yourself to just be in your cocoon, in this soft, dark place of presence and stillness, remember that the changes you desire are happening. You probably won’t be able to see them from day to day, but rest assured that by time Spring rolls around on the calendar you the caterpillar will have morphed into a butterfly ready to stretch and spread your wings.

And if you want more clarity around your desired changes, it’s a great time for a tea leaf reading.

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