Do you Want to Change Direction?

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

~ Lao Tzu


While these words are truly an ancient Chinese secret, having been written sometime between 604 BC and 531 BC, they are still as applicable to our human plight today as they were all those centuries ago. We’ve seen advances in agriculture, technology, health and hygiene, and we’ve been to the moon but we’re still as screwed up mentally now as we ever were. The grass is perpetually greener on the other side.

Now you’re not happy with where things are headed. Maybe it’s your career, your love life, or your living situation. Whatever the scene, you want to change direction. But how?

change direction

Change Direction

Change invokes fear, and we tend to get frozen in fear. This is a common and natural response to something that scares us, yet it’s something that can be overcome. As with anything else, you can do it in baby steps. Acknowledging dislike of your current direction and fear of change is the first step. After that, you can slowly start going in the direction of your choosing. Or go quickly, if you’d like. You can tiptoe into the waters of change or do a big swan dive right into the deep end. It’s up to you.

However you get there, however long it takes, it’s okay. The point is to start because that’s the hardest part. Once you get going it becomes infinitely easier to keep going toward the change you desire. That’s not to say there won’t be bumps along the way, or that you might not choose to alter direction at some point. Once you get the ball rolling it is much easier to keep it going than it is to give that initial push. Physics and human nature: they’re more similar than you might think.

You can still feel scared while moving that ball along. Starting doesn’t mean you lose the fear, although sometimes starting to change direction can alleviate your fear. It’s when you let it stop you that you get stuck. It’s easy to think that fear is something to avoid at all costs and always means danger, but that’s not true. Sometimes being scared is just the thing you need to propel you into action.

So go. Wade or jump in. Go at your own pace, but go and don’t stop.

Extra Resources

This is the purpose of the tea leaf readings I do. During the reading we’ll check your current direction, then you can choose whether or not to continue on your current path. You always have the choice to change direction if you don’t like where you’re headed.

If you like the quote at the beginning of this post, I’d encourage you to check out our Be Your own Guru e-course. It’s based on Lao Tzu’s famous text, the Tao Te Ching, and is a very accessible path to understanding more about how get in touch with your truest self. Not someone else’s version of you, but your version of you.


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