Early Morning Reminder


Mornings at our house have been rough lately.┬áThe kids and I are dragging our butts when it’s time to get up, and every morning has seen us doing that later and later. Then we’re running behind while feeling groggy. I hustle, but in true kid fashion my two start picking at each other. Then I’m grumpy and short with them, which only causes them to move slower. Needless to say, we’re all grumping at each other as we run out the door and then are silent in the car as we each mull over how everyone else’s behaviors make us mad.

Last night at dinner I brought up that we needed a solution to the issue of mornings. None of us were happy, and feeling stressed and frazzled is no way to start your day. The kids asked to be woken up later, but that’s not really an option as I let them sleep as late as possible. We never did come to any conclusions, but then this morning it came to me. Came back to me really, since I already knew this.


If I’m stressed and frazzled, my kids and others around me will feel stressed and frazzled. Right! They follow my every lead, whether consciously or unconsciously. The same can be said with anyone I come in contact with throughout the day. I was reminded that it’s all up to me. My experience is mine to create. If I want peaceful mornings for myself and my children, I have to create them.

I’m happy to say that I got right up after I remembered this, and our morning was much more peaceful. We were still groggy, but everyone got along better and there was conversation in the car on the way to school.

The takeaway is this: when you stop blaming others for your mood/experience/life and take charge of yourself to create what you want, that which you want comes pretty quickly. It’s as simple as that. At first, it’s hard to look at yourself and notice what you’re doing to yourself, but then as you become more practiced at it you develop the ability to instantly notice your actions and drop the ones that don’t serve you.

Tell me in the comments, have you ever noticed this phenomenon? Has anyone’s mood rubbed off on you? Have you been able to affect someone else’s mood by changing your own?

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