How to Find your Bliss


What makes your heart sing? blows your dress up? toots your horn?

What is your cup of tea? your jam? the wind beneath your wings?

Where do you find your bliss?

It’s the activities that make you lose all track of time. The ones where you become one with the project. Maybe it’s not even all that good by objective standards, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you enjoyed yourself.

The problem is, a lot of us ultra-responsible adults have no idea what that activity, let alone multiple activities, is for us. We have gotten so out of touch with free time, with unscheduled and unstructured pockets of time, that pursuing an interest or activity just for joy is completely foreign. Painful even, maybe.

When you have nothing that makes your heart sing you become bored and lifeless, crotchety and dull. In contrast, when you have fun your brain gets a chance to rest. When your brain has chance to rest, it then has room to groove, to find humor, to listen to intuition and gain insight. It’s like a moving meditation.

There’s a pithy piece of advice that floats around now and then that just irks me. It tells those of us who are separated from our bliss to remember back to what we loved doing as a child, then to do that same thing as an adult. Sure, it’s still great fun to ride a bike and eat ice cream on a summer’s day, and by all means go ahead and enjoy your bike ride topped off by a double scoop of cashew caramel (chocolate base, not vanilla). But you’re not the same person you were 2o or more years ago. Your tastes have changed (Blue Moon ice cream anyone?)

Now what?

So what to do if you are completely lost as to where your bliss lies? Experiment! Take a class on something that interests you. Community centers, school systems, museums, botanical gardens, and stores often offer classes at a reasonable rate. is a great place to find events and activities, many of which are free and also offer the added bonus of meeting like-minded people. If you’re feeling especially introverted, you can learn lots of hobbies through YouTube videos.Try something new, try lots of somethings new, and see what sticks. It’s also ok to always be trying something new!

The point is, knowing and practicing your bliss makes you happier, healthier, and more interesting. There are probably even super-scientific studies that show this, but you don’t need them. The proof is in the pudding.

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