Finding your Perfect Tea


So often we feel pressure to eat and drink what the experts say is good for us. Like green tea. Here in the store we meet a lot of people who try one green tea after another even though they don’t really like it, just because they keep hearing how good it is for us.
My answer is always that you should drink the teas that you like and enjoy. I have extensively studied tea, my tea education is ongoing, and I have yet to see any evidence why green tea is better for us than any other tea. All the studies say green tea is the be-all end-all, but no one ever says why. I say green tea just has a better press agent than the other teas.

All true teas: black, green, oolong, puer, and white are the same leaf. Why force yourself to suffer through something just because you think you “should?” Drink what you like.

Perfect for you

Your perfect tea is the one that appeals to you in any particular moment. Need comfort? Drink the tea that reminds you of your grandmother. Need a boost of energy? Drink a tea with caffeine. Feeling blue? Drink the tea that makes you feel sunny. Drink what you want. You know yourself better than any so-called expert.


  1. Kelly –

    I LOVE this post!!

    Thanks so much for encouraging us to drink the tea we like… And not suffer through because it might be a benefit. This makes good sense not only for our health but our pocketbook and for our spirit.

    I always learn from you!! You are the best!!!


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