The Four Elements and How to Balance Them



From ancient Greek mythology to Native American traditions to astrology and more, the four elements appear to explain human behavior. It is even what the Meyers-Briggs test is based on. These four elements are earth, air/wind, fire, and water. There is also a fifth element, aether, that is the handler of all four elements. However, this one is extremely rare.

One of the most famous analogies of the four elements is that of a candle. The candle and wick are the earth, with the wick being rooted in the candle. The flame is the fire, and as the flame burns it liquifies the wax (water), allowing it to be pulled up the wick and evaporated (wind/air).

The Elements

These four elements are self-sustaining. One cannot exist without the other three. Just as they balance each other, they also work to balance your body and mind.

You have one of them as your predominant personality, but do contain all four. And when one is over or under active, you feel the imbalance. Too much fire, and you’re probably angry a lot. Not enough fire, and you let people step all over you. Too much water, and you’re wishy-washy. Not enough water, and you are too dominant. Too much air, and you’re spacey. Not enough air, and you’re pessimistic. Too much earth, and you’re overly practical. Not enough earth, and you’re cynical.

If you want to dig deeper into your primary element, try this assessment.

After trying out the assessment, I am a Water. And the description of water above pretty much sums me up. While I’m a Libra, which is Wind or Air, the rest of Water is me. My body even tends to hold excess water, bloating easily. To balance out my excess water I can drink more water to help flush out the water my body is holding on to, eat blue, purple, and black foods, avoid sugar, get enough rest, practice self-acceptance, get in touch with my inner stillness and peace, and do yoga or reflexology points for my kidney.

To balance Earth: wear yellow or orange; practice conscious gratitude, even for the small things; take exquisite care of your inner child; eat warm and nourishing foods

To balance Fire: exercise, especially in water; eat cooling foods like greens and fruits; engage in quiet and contemplative activities; make it a point to wind down in the evenings; cut off your work by 6:00 pm

To balance Wind/Air: don’t watch or read the news; belly breathe for a few minutes, several times a day if needed; use affirmations; give yourself plenty of time to accomplish tasks; do quiet exercise in the morning, like a walk or yoga

So what is your primary element? And how do you keep it balanced?

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