Grounding for Better Health


No, this isn’t a form of self-punishment. Grounding, also called earthing, is the process of syncing your body with the natural electrical current of the earth. Your body is an electrical vessel that is stabilized by the naturally occurring free electrons that are on the surface of the ground.¬†Grounding has many benefits, including regulating cortisol levels, better sleep, reducing chronic pain and inflammation, calming the nervous system, healing wounds, and increasing circulation. It can also help with jet lag and acclimating to a new time zone.

It used to be that our bodies had daily contact with the earth, through farming, gardening, caring for animals, and just generally living more of our lives outdoors. Now so many of us are outside only long enough to go from building to car and back. We buy our food rather than producing our own and we have become a society of clean freaks and germophobes, afraid to let any dirt onto our bodies.

Dirt and the earth are good for us!

Think about how much calmer you feel the minute your feet hit warm sand at the beach. Do you feel a little tingle through your body if you walk barefoot outside? You sleep so much better when on a camping trip. Gardening is relaxing. Animals’ wounds heal quickly when they are allowed to be outside. This is all because your body is in contact with the earth, allowing you to become a perfectly balanced electrical vessel.

You have options

It’s easier to be grounded during warm weather, but there are ways to stay balanced when you’re less likely to be outside. Even just 10-15 minutes daily of earthing your body will make a difference.

  • walk barefoot outside
  • rest your feet on the ground
  • walk barefoot on unsealed concrete outside or in your basement
  • use an earthing product¬†(not an affiliate link, just good products)
  • get your hands dirty through gardening
  • anything and everything where your bare skin is touching the ground

I have been using an earthing half-sheet on my bed for the past few years and notice a difference when I sleep elsewhere and don’t have it, so now if I know I won’t be able to use my earthing sheet I make it a point to get grounded sometime during the day. I’ve noticed my cortisol levels have regulated and I sleep better.

Try it for a week and see what you notice. Get thee grounded!

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