Closing the Gap between your Head and Heart

Do you:

Feel full without eating very much?

Consistently wake up between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.?

Have trouble making decisions?

Suffer from a lack of determination and action?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance your gall bladder is out of whack. And if your gall bladder is out of whack, then there’s a good chance you are living too much from either your head or your heart

Head vs. Heart

Your head is where your ego and thoughts reside. Living too much from your head-space can show up as a monkey mind, where your thoughts are jumping up and down and can’t get still and quiet; as anxiety, closed-mindedness, or feeling disconnected from your body or from your higher spirit.

Your heart is where your intuition and guidance reside. Living too much from your heart can manifest as getting stuck in an emotion, loving indiscriminately, having a lack of proper boundaries in friendships and intimate relationships, tolerating too much from others to the point of neglecting emotional self-care, acceptance of others without discernment, losing your sense of identity, giving without restraints, saying yes to everything and everyone, even when it does not benefit you (a.k.a. the disease to please), and codependency.

How does either your head or your heart take over?

I love the description of the monkey trapped in the house of his own creation from Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chögyam Trungpa because this is the path of each one of us.

In this analogy, there is a monkey living pretty happily in the jungle until he has the thought (head) that he should have a space of his own that he can claim and protect. So he builds himself a house with lots of glass walls so that he can see what is going on outside of his home. He is first happy in his house, but then starts to feel confined so he tries to escape but fails repeatedly.

Now this monkey begins to wish for something better (heart). He dreams of his heaven, but after awhile he decides he’ll have to defend his heaven to maintain his lifestyle. Jealousy starts to set in. Along the way, the monkey becomes comfortable leading a regular life, going about his daily tasks in a mundane way. Then he becomes bored with all the ordinariness and feels like life is stagnant and heavy.

He yearns for the simplicity of animal life, the life he had in the first place before he built this house. This feeling becomes stronger and stronger, until he realizes that everything is just a terrible nightmare. A nightmare he created.

And this is where we find ourselves now. Most of us are stuck somewhere between boredom with life and realizing this nightmare is our own creation.

Bridging the Gap between your Head and your Heart

Using the seven major chakras as a visual representation of the body, there are only two chakras between your head and your heart: your voice and your third eye. Your voice acts as the mediator between them, and your third eye is the guidance system driving the whole operation. When you bring your head and your heart together, you find balance and eliminate your suffering from the symptoms listed above. Your head looks for causes of happiness, and your heart embraces those causes. And you are free to live outside the confining limits of the house you created.


When you feel like your heart is taking over, imagine a long, strong dinosaur tail coming out from behind you. Lean back and rest on that tail. Immediately you feel more grounded and centered.

When you feel like your head is running the show, you can focus on your breathing, meditate, or repeat a mantra. Or any other meditative act will also help. You can also reflect on your personal core values and check to see how they match with the current situation or decision you have to make.

And to keep this balance between your head and your heart strong every day, I recommend reading the Tao Te Ching. I’ve even created an e-course for you around this text with a daily verse and way for you to practice living its wisdom. Plus, you can check it out for free for three days to see if it jives with you.

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