Health Benefits of Tea for Women

health benefits of tea for women

There are a lot of claims floating around about the health benefits of tea for women, and a lot of it is misleading or just plain wrong. You’ve seen them:

“Health benefits of tea for women are the answer you’ve been looking for!”

“Drink 3 cups of green tea every day and watch your extra weight melt off!”

“Miracle tea cures your ____________________ [diabetes, asthma, allergies, insomnia, misbehaving child, heartbreak, financial problems, etc.]!”

Sure, tea can be a large part of an overall healing protocol, but the answer to any health issue is rarely as simple as most people make it out to be. In talking about tea and women’s health I want to focus on the herbs our wise herbalist friends have been using forever.

The Herbs and Teas

One of the best known teas for uterine health is raspberry leaf. It will loosen tight uterus muscles and tighten the uterus when it is loose. This means it has the power to soothe your menstrual cramps by relaxing your uterus, and also to jump start and ease labor. Raspberry leaf has other uses as well: it soothes burns, relieves diarrhea without stimulating intestinal contractions, and soothes a sore throat. You can find lots of raspberry leaf in our Women’s Blend and Pregnancy Blend teas, or you can drink it straight.

Warning: Just two or three cups of Women’s Blend per day when you have cramps should do the trick. I made the mistake, only once, of drinking four to six cups of it in a day. It really relaxed my uterine muscle.

Nursing mamas can combine equal parts by weight of Pregnancy Blend and fenugreek, and drink as a tea to up their milk production. Again, I can attest to the powers of fenugreek for this use especially when combined with the alfalfa leaf in the tea blend.

And for all you women who are transitioning into menopause, we’ll have a tea blend for you soon.

Nettle leaf is another great herb, especially for stress. And yes, this is that garden weed that irritates you skin when you brush up against it. This seemingly abrasive plant is full of bioavailable minerals like calcium and magnesium. Nettle supports your thyroid and adrenal glands, which tend to lose function when under chronic stress. Also, it can strengthen your baby when in utero and relieve any nausea you might be feeling. You can find nettle leaf in our Pumpkin Pie, Dandelion Detox, and Pregnancy Blend teas.

Lemon balm is a trusted herb that has great health benefits for women. Besides relieving menstrual cramps, it is great for getting to sleep those nights when you are anxious, and stopping IBS spasms and pain. As a tea, it is delightful on its own or you can enjoy it in a blend like Lemon Sunrise, Sweet Dreams, and Women’s Blend.

Health Benefits of Tea for Women

Teas are a great way to enjoy the healing properties of these herbs. Not only do you receive their beneficial effects, but the act of preparing and drinking tea is a simple and gentle way to honor yourself. So let’s leave those grandiose claims about tea and health alone, and instead rely on what herbalists have known for centuries. Simple herbs prepared as teas will go a long way in making you feel better.

The health benefits of tea for women are as varied as we each are. We each respond to a ¬†differently, so you’re best to do a little experimenting and find what works for you. Today you might need lemon balm, tomorrow it might be raspberry leaf. The key is to tune into your self and you body.

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