Herbal Baths for Healing

herbal baths

Bathing is one of the world’s oldest and most treasured ways of healing, and herbs have always been a big part of this tradition. Herbal baths are a balm to the body and soul. Just the act of submersing your body in water is instantly soothing; it connects you back to the earth and and lets you feel supported. The buoyancy of the water holds you up and allows you to be fluid when you’ve been tense. Then when you add the healing properties of different herbs, you take your bath to a whole new level.

Not to worry if you don’t have access to a bathtub. You can get the same healing benefits from doing a foot soak. All you need is a vessel large enough to hold both of your feet at the same time. I like to place a towel on the floor under my basin, then sit back and relax with a glass of wine or herbal tea while soaking my feet.

The Best Herbs for Herbal Baths

Lavender – a super calming and lovely smelling flower, essential to any bath

Rosemary – relieves tension and helps stimulate blood flow to all parts of the body

Bay – detoxifies the body, relaxes your muscles

Chamomile  – relaxing, soothing to the skin, helps relieve sinus issues

Sage – gives skin a healthy glow, relaxes muscles, loosens chest congestion

And if you don’t feel like concocting your own recipe, we have some already made up for you: Athlete’s Blend for soothing sore muscles, Restorative for when you are depleted, Rejuvenating for when you need to get back your mojo, and Relaxing for when you are frazzled.

bath teas

Other ways to add Herbs to your Bath

Flower Essences are distilled down versions of flowers, trees, and other herbaceous plants that allow you to receive all their beneficial healing properties through absorbing their essences at an energetic level. To find out which remedy/remedies is right for you, here’s a questionnaire. I have added them to my drinking water and to my herbal baths, and love them. You can also make your own.

Essential Oils are like a stronger version of flower essences. These are the natural oils of the plants and flowers they come from, but not diluted. It takes many more flowers to create a bottle of oil than it does to create a flower essence.

If you use either one, just a few drops are needed. A little of each goes a long way.

Herbal Baths for Your Health

When you add herbs to your bath, you get the healing properties of the herbs as well as the lovely scents that waft up on the steam. Take the time to honor yourself, heal yourself, and take care of you.






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