How do you Light your Fire?


A friend and I were recently discussing candles. Specifically, the battery-operated electric candles versus real ones. While there certainly is a time and a place for the electric candles, there’s nothing that compares to a real candle.

While the modern candle just requires a flick of a switch to turn on, a real candle, especially a pure beeswax one, takes time and effort to light. You do need to be more aware of placement and safety when using real candles. Clearly, one is easier and faster to use but the ambiance is totally different; the measured flicker of the electric candle holds no mystery, whereas the real flame moves between a steady glow and a quick-stepped dance. The real light is certainly brighter than the engineered one, and the flame gives off a heat that the light bulb is incapable of.

All this to use as a metaphor for how we go about not just tasks in our daily lives, but also healing. As a society we always seem to be looking for the quick fix: the candle that is lit with the flick of a switch, the pill that cures our ailment, the diet that will make us lose all the weight, the break up that will solve all of our problems. The trouble is, these quick fixes never work. That little light bulb doesn’t hold a candle, pardon the pun, to the real flame.┬áIt’s not until you can light your own flame and burn from your own inner source that you can actually solve your problems.

So how do you approach your life? Are you battery-operated or lit from within?

To make the switch from the quick fix to the self-sustaining approach, join us as we begin our 6-month journey into uncovering and releasing what drives you to stay in the quick fix, surface healing mode. Then you’ll dive deep into yourself and learn how to become the real flame, fed from within and able to stay steady or dance with the breeze, all while burning with your true essence.

But only if you’re ready.


  1. I love that our conversation triggered such a deep discussion. Love what you are offering the world! Keep it up…you are incredibly gifted! ?

  2. Tudor House Tea Admin

    Thank you, Deb!

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