Because learning is a lifelong process, not something that ends once you’re done with school, we have many ways for you to follow your interests.


Tea 101 – Are you wanting to know more about loose leaf tea, but feel totally overwhelmed and confused? If so, then this free email series is for you.

Newsletterlearning – So the Tea 101 series whet your whistle, and now you want to quench your thirst for all things tea? Brew up a cup of your favorite tea, sit back, and browse the past issues.

Reset that Voice in your Head – with our Tao Te Ching e-course. You can’t get rid of it, no matter how much you try. So why not start a new conversation with that voice instead?

Talk, Engage, Align – with TEA (get it?). All silliness aside, this is a once monthly class where we explore the the deeper side of life. It’s casual, but not fluffy. You’re welcome to show up in your yoga pants and with bed head, but be prepared to drink tea and engage in conversation with other women. It’s like those conversations around the kitchen table with your truest girlfriends.


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