Talk Engage Align

Talk Engage Align


Do you feel…
  • like there’s something more to your existence, but are unsure where to go with that feeling
  • tired of participating in other people’s drama?
  • exhausted, stressed, and burned out?


Then this group is for you!


During your exploration you will:

  • learn how to view your life through a new lens that will ultimately give you freedom from stress, drama and suffering.
  • find out how to use different teas to aid you on the rest of your life’s journey by learning how the different teas and herbs impact your body and thoughts.
  • start finding your calm and peace amidst the chaos of life.


Come as you are, Be as you are!

  • casual, but not “fluffy”
  • tea, engaged conversation, knowledge
  • be supported
  • be enlightened
  • be re-calibrated

You will leave each class feeling grounded, empowered, and with a deep sense of peace no matter what to live a full life. You will return to your natural way of being.

Sound good? Register here or below. Space is limited, so you won’t want to hesitate. Our next class is Saturday, June 18 at 9:00 am.


P.S. In the meantime, please join our TEA community on Facebook.

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