Meditation for Women


Are you fed up with meditation? Does your mind whirl and whirl when you sit down and you never get to that space of empty bliss like you’re “supposed to?”

Good news: You’re NOT broken! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Women are not wired to meditate in this way.

Now, if this works for you and you enjoy it, carry on. But if you’ve tried meditating because you keep reading how good it is for you, and all that happens is that you sit there going over your to-do list with a cramp building up in your leg you are simply¬†experiencing being a woman.

Way back in time, when all of this meditation business got started, it was designed for men who dedicated their lives to spiritual and religious practice. Even women in that day and age were too busy caring for babies, others, and their homes to sit on their butts for hours on end. They had to find their meditative practices in other ways, and that is still true for modern women.

Meditation for Women

Women are naturally wired to be active and caretakers, and that doesn’t jive with running off to an ashram and living in silence for a month. Our brains just don’t work that way. Even women who dedicate their lives to their religion aren’t just hanging out and meditating. Think of Mother Teresa; that woman was out there doing stuff all day long. She certainly wasn’t sequestered in silence for most of the day. Now, of course she had her daily practices where she connected with the Divine, and so can you.

One of my favorite ways to connect is to count from 0 to 100, then back down to 0. While I’m counting, I make a list of all the worries and thoughts that pop into my head. It’s interesting to see what comes up over and over. Then I discard the list. This achieves a number of things: 1) I actually sit down and focus on myself, 2) I allow my worries to come to the forefront of my consciousness, which makes them smaller and creates space for solutions to present themselves, and 3) I stop the thought merry-go-round so that my being is much happier.

For a list of ideas on other ways to practice meditation, check out this post.

Give this technique a try for yourself and let me know in the comments below what you thought of it.


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