Seasons of Change


Within most of us there is an undeniable urge to change our behaviors as the seasons change. In the winter, we want to stay in and hibernate. Spring draws us outside and the sunshine and fresh air makes us feel like anything is possible. Summer finds us with more playful energy, and in Fall we’re ready to buckle down and get back to the grind.

However, a more subtle process also unfolds within each of us that encompasses all the same energies of the Earth’s seasons. These are the seasons of change, and may or may not line up with the weather. You find the spark that motivates change (energy of Spring), go through the process of effecting that change (energy of Summer), harvest the rewards of your work (energy of Fall), then rest and recuperate (energy of Winter). This process can begin at any time of the year, and each season of change can vary wildly in length.

And, you can also be in multiple seasons at one time, depending on what’s going on in your life at the moment. This can be quite confusing to your psyche and physical body. Your work life may be in a Summer phase but your body is in Winter, which creates a struggle between your body and your mind. Your mind says to go, go, go, but your body is resisting and wanting extra rest. For most of us, we don’t realize this is happening and may push our bodies to go beyond what they are capable of in that moment and this is when injury and disease occur.

Multiple seasons of change at once?

So what to do when you are in multiple seasons of change at one time? If any part of you is in Winter, honor that first. Because if you don’t the rest of your seasons will be off balance. You might experience a drought in your Summer that shows up as lack of energy. You might experience an early frost in your Fall in that all your progress falls apart and seems to disintegrate. Or you might experience a flood in Spring and have so many ideas and inspirations you just can’t get started on anything.

Rest, rest, rest first. Nap, read, get out in nature. Do whatever feeds your soul. Then honor your next most pressing season, and so on. When you take care of your seasons of change, your life takes care of you. Things will seem to magically fall into place, there will seem to be more time in the day and money in the bank.

Take some time today to reflect on where you are right now, then find ways you can honor that place and take care of you.

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