The Most Soothing Tea


A steaming cup of tea conjures up images of cozy blankets, crackling fires, gloomy weather, and even illness. It’s during these times that we look to a cup of tea to soothe us. Stomach upset? Have a cup of ginger or peppermint tea. Feeling chilled to the bone? Any hot tea will do the trick! Mood down and blue? Reach for the kind grandma made for you. Can’t sleep? Have a cup of chamomile.

It’s because of these images and memories that we take comfort in tea. So much so that our customers often ask what our most soothing tea is.

The answer?

Any and all teas!

Yes, the natural healthful and healing properties of the tea leaves and herbs help to soothe and comfort us, and to ease our physical ailments, but the act of making and drinking tea is equally as soothing. And how loved do you feel when someone makes you a cup of tea? Even more so, right? There’s something about the warm cup, the slowly curling steam, and the lightness of the tea that cuts right to the core of what’s ailing your body and mind. It gets right in there and softens your heart, your mind, and your spirit.

The next time you or someone you love needs some TLC, it’s tea to the rescue!

For a more deeply soothing experience with tea, check out this tea meditation.

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