Entering the State of Grace

state of grace

“When there is no tension between the inner beingness and that which is being expressed, there is grace.”
― Donna Goddard, The Love of Devotion

A Natural State of Grace

Children have it down. They are always and only aligned with their inner beingness. Whether it shows up in the clothes they choose for the day, the way they move their bodies to music, or the freedom with which they feel and express their emotions, they are in a state of grace. Even during what we would describe as a temper tantrum, they’re in grace.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take an hour or so to observe children at a playground or park. In a non-creepy way, of course. But what you’ll see is that the happiest children are the ones who are wearing the craziest looking outfits and moving with the moment. Singing when the spirit moves them, skipping instead of walking, melting into a puddle on the ground when their adult tells them it’s time to go. That is grace in action.

When Grace becomes Lost

Most adults can’t relate to ever feeling like they’re in a state of grace like this. If we had it once, how did we lose it, going through life with two left feet and perfectly styled outfits?

Somewhere along the way, someone criticized your clothing or hairstyle choice. It could have been out of love or it could have been out of malice, but the effect was the same: you stepped out of grace just a little bit.

Then you realized you don’t dance like the people on your favorite dancing show or music video, so you self-consciously restricted your movements. Maybe you even stopped dancing altogether, dancing a little further out of grace.

Finally, you were told you’re too emotional. So you dried up your tears, stuffed your anger, and started finding vices to give your emotions something to hold onto. Certainly not graceful.

Becoming Graceful Again

You don’t need a detailed roadmap to find your state of grace again. It’s not complicated. Start small: wear that kooky pair of earrings, blast your song and dance in your living room, allow yourself a temper tantrum in your bed. You are allowed it all.

The more you enter the state of grace the easier it will be to return there. This is when you’re most happy, so try to get there as much as possible. The more you’re there, the easier it will be for those around you to find their state of grace, too.

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