How to take Taco Tuesday Up a Notch

taco tuesday

I’ve been in a recipe/cooking funk for a while now, making the same foods on repeat. It’s served its purpose, allowing space in my brain for more important work, but now my kids and I are bored of the same-old same-old. That’s not to say that those 20 or so meals won’t make it back into the rotation, because there are some favorites in there, but it’s time to take it up a notch and have fun with food again.

Starting with Taco Tuesday

If you’ve been in a food rut, too, and want to break free from it, at least for one night, I can help. Even if you don’t participate in Taco Tuesday.

One way to do this is to change up your normal seasoning blend. Instead of using that packet of powdered taco seasoning  from the grocery store, use Mexican Seasoning instead. Not only are there no funky or unlisted ingredients, but it will spark your tastebuds out of boredom and into a new flavor experience.

Use 1 tablespoon of Mexican Seasoning per pound of protein as you’re browning it, adding salt and pepper to taste. I’ve used it with equal success with ground beef, chicken, turkey, and pork.

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Other Uses

Beyond Taco Tuesday, this spice blend can be used in other dishes.

  • use as a marinade for meats and veggies: mix with avocado oil, lime juice, Mexican Seasoning, salt, and pepper
  • add it to sauces: melty queso dip, enchilada sauce, and more
  • spruce up your favorite layered bean dip by stirring some into the beans
  • sprinkle it on any grilled meat or veggie
  • anything you can think of: get creative!

Let us know how you use Mexican Seasoning. Find us on Facebook and Instagram, share some images and make our mouths water!

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