Tea and Energy

tea and energy

Tea and Energy

There’s a billboard I see a lot with the phrase on it similar to “Wake up and Grind.” While the beverage advertised is coffee, something I know nothing about, the message behind it all annoys me. It’s saying that a good day is full of grinding, pushing, and forcing your way through so much so that you have to have a caffeinated beverage immediately after waking to be able to accomplish this superhuman amount of tasks.

I admit I do love a caffeinated tea once or twice throughout the day, and my day really isn’t the same without one. I’ve even been known to turn the car around if I’ve inadvertently left the house without my cup of hearty morning tea. So I get it. I love a little burst in the morning, and I don’t think you should have to deny yourself of it. However, there’s a big difference between that and slamming caffeine all day just to survive.

You shouldn’t be pushing yourself that hard. Our culture tells us that’s normal, but your body knows that it’s not. That’s why it starts to need increasing amounts of stimulation just to stay awake and survive the day without collapsing into a worn out heap. So stop running the rat race and do what you can do. Don’t beat yourself up for it, either. You are a human, not a machine. Some days you’ll naturally have more energy, some days you’ll have less.

Tea and energy: What to drink?

So, what tea can you drink for more energy? While I don’t believe in just pushing yourself beyond the breaking point with the use of outside boosts, there are a few teas that can give you a gentle lift without a crazy crash later on. Some of which don’t even contain caffeine!

  • Marrakesh Mint – This is a green tea blend with mint and other warming spices that I find to be uplifting. It does contain caffeine, so be careful if you’re averse to it. There’s something about the combination of cool peppermint and warming clove, ginger, and black pepper that really brightens my day and gets me going.
  • Endurance Blend – Somewhat similar in flavor to Marrakesh Mint, this is an herbal and caffeine free blend that uplifts without any let down later in the day. The eleuthero root in here works in your body like ginseng does, so you get a nice boost of mental clarity after drinking it.
  • Herbal “Coffee” – This blend potentially has some caffeine from the raw cacao that is its primary ingredient, but as for how much transfers into the brew I’m not sure. If you’re caffeine sensitive this is one you should try as early in the day as possible to see how you react. Brewed on its own it has a similar flavor to coffee, although die-hard coffee drinkers will be disappointed. Brewed and sweetened it becomes spicy from the ginger and cardamom for a stronger burst of energy. I find this blend to be the most energizing of the caffeine-free blends.
  • Yerba Mate – There’s a whole lot more info on just mate at the link to the left there, but basically mate is a leaf that comes from South America and has a caffeine-like substance in it. Bold and earthy, this tea packs a punch.

These are all great ways to get yourself over the hump, but I also want to encourage you to check in with yourself the next time you’re looking for that magical combination of tea and energy. Do you need a boost from outside yourself, or would something else give you a better burst of energy? Like a nap, or a walk in the woods, or just plain sitting down?

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