Tea for Indigestion

tea for indigestion

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to eat at that greasy spoon.

What if you can’t say no to your Aunt Agnes who relentlessly pushes her homemade goodies on you?

Or, what months shouldn’t you eat clams?

Recovering from the stomach bug that’s been going around?

Growing a new human in your body and feeling queasy?

Rooibos to the Rescue

No matter what the cause, rooibos soothes an upset digestive tract pretty quickly. It’s so gentle and effective, even, that South African mothers give it their colicky babies. It’s caffeine free, so it won’t keep you up when rest is just what you need. And it’s full of hydrating minerals like magnesium and copper, which will help flush out whatever is causing the indigestion.

Rooibos Tea for Indigestion

  • Ginger ‘n Spice – This is our all-around favorite rooibos blend for indigestion. It’s quite tasty, and all the ingredients in it are very good for the stomach. It’s not too spicy from the ginger, and is mellow from the vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, and orange peel.
  • Vanilla Thrilla – Simply rooibos with vanilla, this blend is perfect for when you want something simple or you have a picky eater to please. “Medicine” is easier to take when it tastes good.
  • Provence – My personal favorite rooibos blend, it is just as soothing to my mind as it is to my body. Plus, once you’re feeling better it goes perfectly with a square of dark chocolate.
  • Orange Cream – Sweet and creamy, this one is best used for mild cases of indigestion.
  • Rooibos – Plain doesn’t mean boring. Use this one for when you’re down and out and just want comfort.

For even more rooibos trivia, check out this past post.

Other Tea for Indigestion

There are a few other herbal teas that can help when you’re feeling green. All these are caffeine-free, as well.

  • Peppermint is a classic upset tummy tea.
  • Fennel  and Caraway seeds are great digestives that you can chew on or brew into a tea, either alone or together.
  • Ginger is great brewed as a tea with lemon and honey, and crystallized ginger is the perfect sweet treat after a heavy meal.
  • Dandelion tea can help with feeling too full.

The next time you decide it’s ok to have pizza and beer at 9:00 p.m. and you wake in the middle of the night severely regretting that decision, you’ll have many options to help you feel better. Most of these are ingredients and teas you have around the house, so relief isn’t far away. Tea for indigestion is the most soothing way to heal.

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