Tea for Weight Loss

tea for weight loss

The number one question we get when it comes to tea and health is: Is there a tea for weight loss?

I have two answers for that:

  1. There is no tea that will help you lose weight.
  2. If there was a tea for weight loss, I would be drinking it and not have any extra weight on me.

Why is there no tea for weight loss?

There is no tea for weight loss because there is no one reason for a person carrying extra weight. In my experience, extra weight is rarely a sign of eating too much or not being active enough. Instead, the reasons for each person’s weight are varied and complex.

If you do eat donuts and fast food all day, then stop and eat some real food. But for most of us, that isn’t the case. Extra weight is often a form of protection. So ask yourself what you’re protecting yourself from. Is it a relationship that isn’t working for you? Is your work environment soul-sucking? Are you ignoring a past hurt?┬áMaybe you don’t even know what you’re protecting yourself from. You just know that deep down inside you’re wounded. The extra weight is a symptom of the wound, a scar the same as any other.

It’s probably not a matter of needing to “detox,” either. If you think that’s the case, please read Do you Really Need to Detox?

Tea for weight loss is all over the news

But what about that person who drank 10 cups of green tea a day and lost 30 pounds? Green tea was not the reason for the weight loss. If the tea was a change from a sugar-filled beverage, then any non-sugared drink could be substituted and the same thing said about it. Or maybe the person was so amped up on caffeine that they were naturally more active buzzing around, and once they crash the weight will come back.

What you’re seeing in that magazine article or on that news segment is a snapshot in a person’s life. One moment where they are Spanx-encased, lit from the right angle, with makeup, hair, and wardrobe sculpted to make them look their thinnest. It’s all a set up. And in most cases, the “key” to that person’s weight loss will soon lose its effect and they will be right back to where they started from.

The real key to weight loss

And then there’s the whole separate issue of realistic body image. Maybe the reason you can’t lose weight is because your body is healthy and doesn’t need to lose weight. Just because you want to be a size 2 doesn’t mean that it is realistic for your body. In which case it will fight to maintain its best weight and then some, because that crazy person driving the ship keeps trying to starve it.

For a beautiful and realistic take on body image, please watch the documentary Embrace. It’s on Netflix right now.

So the real key to weight loss is not a tea or some other magical elixir. If you really and truly need to lose weight, you need to look deeper into why you are protecting yourself. Once you dig into that and work on releasing it, you will be able to watch your extra weight just melt off.



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