When Tea Isn’t Relaxing

when tea

Did you know that you can also use tea to give you a boost of energy? And I’m talking more than just the waking power of caffeine, here. Monks have used tea in their meditation practices for centuries because it naturally calms them, yet the caffeine prevents them from falling asleep on their meditation cushion. But there are other ways tea can keep you uplifted and motivated.

There are many herbs and spices you can add to your caffeinated tea leaf to boost your energy. You can also use those same herbs and spices without the tea leaf for a caffeine-free get-up-and-go. These beverages are far more sustaining and healthful than caffeine and sugar-laden beverages that seem quick and easy but actually leave you feeling more depleted than when you started.

We can look to the ancient healing tradition of Ayurvedic medicine for many of these herbs and spices. The next time you feel sluggish, look to those warm and spicy flavors like cinnamon, ginger, cumin, clove, and cardamom. Even peppermint, although it is a more cooling herb. You can either mix your own blend or try one of our ready to go blends.

With tea leaf:

As with everything, it might take some trial and error to find which teas give you the most energy, but there’s no tastier way to find out!

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