Teas to Help you Feel Grounded

groundingteasHave you ever felt like you were kind of floating around, like you aren’t quite in your body? Maybe you had a hard time focusing your eyes, or you kept bumping into things, or everything you heard sounded far away. Or maybe you just have a hard time being in the moment. All these are symptoms of not being grounded.

When you’re grounded, you have a strong connection to yourself and to the earth. Best of all, you are able to be in the present moment. You’re focused, you know what your body needs, and life just flows smoothly.

There are many ways you can become ungrounded: air travel, stress, illness, living too much in your brain and not enough in your heart. There are also several ways to become grounded, of which tea is one of my favorites. My other favorite way to become grounded is to just walk barefoot outside. But on to the teas.

Teas to Help you get Grounded:

When you’re looking for a tea to help you get grounded again and back to your natural state of being, look for teas that have a lot of roots in them. These rooted ingredients have lived in the earth and helped hold up other plants, so they will also connect you to the earth and help hold you up.

The next time you find yourself feeling like you can’t focus on the moment, try one of these grounding teas.

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