Warming Teas


Teas to keep you warm

With the days getting shorter and the weather turning colder, we start craving warm and spicy foods and drinks. Ayurvedic tradition has us consuming spices like cinnamon, ginger, clove, and more to help warm our bodies and keep our blood flowing.

This is also when we want to drink more warming beverages. And tea is the perfect solution.

Here are some of our favorite warming teas:
  • Ayurvedic Chai is formulated to support the blood, colon, nervous system and blood. It’s also good for colds, flus and physical weakness. This one takes a little extra work, but is well worth it. Because of this, I tend to make a larger batch, sweeten it while it’s still hot, then reheat and add milk or add milk and drink cold. It stays nice and cold in a stainless steel water bottle, making it energizing for bike rides and hikes.
  • Head to Heart helps when life is too busy and leaves our minds driving all our actions. This blend joins your head and your heart together and live a more balanced life. It also supports healthy gall bladder function, which can become unbalanced when our head is leading all the time.
  • Orange Cookie is smooth, sweet and spicy, almost like a chai with oranges. It’s Winter in a Cup! Fans of Constant Comment will find this tea familiar, yet a step above in flavor.
  • Almond Spice is a warm and toasty black tea reminiscent of almond windmill cookies with almonds, cinnamon and safflower blossoms.
  • Fireside Chai is mellow, richly textured and inviting. This pu-erh based chai is a delicate balance of silky vanilla bean, bright and soothing peppermint, and sweet cinnamon. It is equally delicious hot and iced.

There’s nothing better than getting cozy, so cuddle up to a mug of your favorite warming tea.

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