When your Tasks seem Insurmountable

Oh, dread

It’s the end of summer now and you’re starting to get back into routine. You’re able to count the remaining lazy days of lounging by the water and listening to the cicadas on the fingers of one hand, and you’re feeling alternately overwhelmed and down on yourself. Overwhelmed at all the tasks there are to do now, and down on yourself for not having done it before. You know you’ve put it off, and now it’s time to face the music.

All those little things, and the big ones too, are now a big mountain of unavoidable tasks. Tasks that you’ve been hiding from for one reason or another. Standing at the base of this mountain, the summit seems insurmountable. It will take you forever to get up there, plus there’s bad weather to consider. Add the fact that you’ve pretty much given up before you’ve started, and your motivation is at zero.

You know the consequences of not climbing this mountain, of not doing what you’ve been putting off, but somehow that makes it all that much less appealing to get started. Instead of being motivated to get going, checking things off your list, you’d rather just chuck it all to go live in a cabin in the woods. After all, it can’t be that hard to chop wood and haul water. That’s got to be easier than what you’re facing now.

The light-bulb moment

But a switch in you flips, a light bulb flashes in your brain. What if instead of carrying all these undone tasks with you, you leave some at the base of the mountain? You decide to drop some of your baggage, some of those items that you don’t really need to do. Some of them you put there yourself out of the fear that comes with perfectionism, some of them others put on you. But, really, they’re not all important to you, to your heart and soul, so you just leave them on the ground. Maybe someone else will pick them up, or maybe they’ll just lie there and rot, feeding the soil.

Your pack is a lot lighter, and you feel like the mountain just got a whole lot smaller. Now you don’t have to run away to the woods, you can face what is ahead of you with a renewed motivation. And as you look around at all that stuff you just dropped, you realize all that you do have. And you like it. It’s now time to harvest your inner resources to climb that mountain, and you know that once you do reach the summit you’ll have enough of that catalyst stored up to get you through the winter.

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