As more and more consumers are becoming tea lovers, they’re starting to expect good quality tea from their restaurants, cafes, salons, and workplaces. For more detailed info on the state of the tea industry (us) as it relates to the service industry (you), as well as basic tea serving and storage tips, check out our white paper.

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We’re here to help you meet your customers’ desires for good tea.

Even if you don’t know anything about tea, we can help you set up an easy tea program that fits your custom needs. We can also blend a signature¬†tea that’s just for you.

Tea doesn’t have to be fussy or complicated. Let us help you seamlessly integrate¬†a tea service that your customers will love.


All of our organic, fair trade herbs and spices are also available for wholesale purchasing. With no hidden fillers or salt, you can really taste the difference.

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