Doing the Work

And coming out the other side

There’s a trend I’ve been noticing, and that is that lots of people are interested in slowing down, eating better, moving their bodies more, etc., but very few are actually willing to do what it takes to make that happen. We post inspirational quotes, share healthful recipes. We declare that we’re going to engage in this practice or that one. Everyone rallies around us and says, “Yes, me too!” Then no one shows up and actually does the work.

We stay stuck in our same viewpoints, just as stressed and not treating our bodies well. We choose the quick and easy solution over the one we say we want. We keep choosing to stay stuck in our ruts, coming up with excuse after excuse as to why now is not the right time. Why it’s someone else’s fault it can’t and won’t work. Why it’s just not possible. So do we really want the change or not?

The thing is, it’s so much harder to stay stuck in the rut of feeling stressed and worn out, to feel sluggish, tired, and burned out than it is to actually do the something different. When we actually make the change we desire, a huge burden is lifted from us. It so much easier to be what we want, to be who we truly are, than it is to pretend all the time. Because that’s what choosing to stay stuck in your rut is. It’s a choice to pretend you are not the whole, balanced, radiant person you are.

Over-work as avoidance

Keeping ourselves overworked, undernourished, and always at the edge of burnout keeps us from being who we truly are. Why are we then so afraid of change if this person and lifestyle we envision is the real deal? Why do we feel like it’s easier to stay hidden under the cloaks of busy-ness, bad food, denial, lack, and suffering than it is to be calm, centered, and peaceful?

Because we feel we’re not worthy, and that just isn’t true. We all deserve to feel peaceful, calm, and radiant. We all deserve to feel sad, angry, and upset. But living in this middle ground no-man’s land where we’re always malnourished in body and soul is numbing us to all of life’s joys and sorrows.

So step out, one step at a time, or take a big leap, and start toward what and who it is you really truly are. You will feel lighter, freer, calmer, and more centered than you even thought possible. I know because I’ve done this work, a lot of it at least, and it feels wonderful!

Join me if you’re ready.

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