Yoga Nidra: Sleep without Sleeping


Last night was another sleepless night. Maybe you couldn’t fall asleep, or maybe you couldn’t stay asleep, or maybe you woke up way too early. No matter what, though, thoughts were swirling around and around in your head. You were trapped in a whirlpool of your own creation yet unable to escape. And now that it’s daylight you’re expected to be a functioning human, which is way harder than it should be.

This scenario isn’t such a huge deal if it’s very infrequent. But what happens when this is the case more often than not? Your memory starts suffering, you start catching every little bug and virus floating around. Your depth of tiredness even puts your safety at risk. So you try all those sleep-inducing tricks like no caffeine after 3:00 pm, no screens in the bedroom, blackout shades, and on and on and on. But nothing works long-term. You’re still tired as hell.

Power of Yoga Nidra

Enter yoga nidra. It’s a meditation where you leave the waking state, bypass the dreaming state, and enter deep sleep. All while remaining awake. It sounds weird, but what have you got to lose? You’ve tried all the other well-meaning advice, but those circles under your eyes will need to be classified as checked baggage and you really just can’t live like this any more.

Now your old friend resistance pops up and tells you to muscle through it all. Mind over matter. This yoga nidra thing is weird, sounds impossible, and doesn’t even make sense. So you talk to your friend, resistance, and try to reason with it. After all, the worst thing that could happen is you try it, end up falling asleep, and get in a 30-minute nap.

So you negotiate with yourself a trial run, and give it a go. What you find is nothing short of miraculous. You didn’t fall asleep, yet you were completely and deeply relaxed. When you came out of the meditation you feel rested, your mind is at ease, and you’ve even returned to find one of your problems solved. The whole experience was kind of trippy, but you liked it.

Listen to the recording below, and let me know in the comments what your experience was. There’s no right or wrong way to experience yoga nidra. You get what you need from it.


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